FTF - Fiber to Laser - LASEmaR 800 Laser System for Aesthetic Spider and Reticular Vein Treatment

Francesco Zini, MD., Angelo Crippa, MD, Lorenzo Tessari, M.D., Roberto Lonardi

Solid State Vaginal Laser for the Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: A Preliminary Report

D. Dodero, F. Frascani, M. Angelucci, G. Bernabei, E. Merlo, F. Locatelli, F. Murina

The 1470nm Diode Laser with an Intralesional Fiber Device: a Proposed Solution for the Treatment of Inflamed and Infected Keloids

Ke Li, Fabio Nicoli, Wen Jing Xi, Zheng Zhang, Chunxiao Cui, Ahmed Al-Mousawi, Alberto Balzani, Yun Tong and Yixin Zhang

Laser Assisted Liposuction in Body Contouring

Zoran Žgaljardić and Ivonne Žgaljardić

Histological Modifications of Postmenopausal Vaginal Mucosa after Regenerative Solid State Laser Treatment: A Multicenter Study

D. Dodero, F. Frascani, M. Angelucci, G. Bernabei, E Merlo, D. Recalcati and F. Murina

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