The LASEmaR 1500’s versatility is unmatched. This 1470nm diode laser comes equipped with software to perform all of the applications that are listed below. As your practice evolves and you elect to add procedures, you will simply need to acquire the appropriate accessories (handpieces, cannulas, fibers) and training. Until then, because this laser is fully customizable, you only invest in the applications that you wish to perform.


  • Endolift ® facial rejuvenation
  • Laser lipolysis
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Vascular surgery
  • Pain management
  • Non-ablative fractional resurfacing
  • Ladylift ® vaginal treatments
  • Granulomas


  • Portable
  • Diode laser
  • Economical
  • Customizable
Endollift Logo

Endolift ®

Endolift ® is the newest advancement in minimally-invasive facial procedures for lifting and tightening. Your clients will be stunned by the results! It is the best non-surgical treatment to boost skin restructuring, as well as to reduce laxity and fat. The Endolift ® procedure is typically performed on the mid to lower face, jawline, submental area and neck. In an Endolift ® procedure, a small fiber is inserted under the skin and energy is delivered to the tissue. The result is tighter, toned skin in just one session!

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Ladylift ®

The Ladylift ® treatment targets the vaginal mucosa. The wavelength (1470nm), combined with the controlled, radial emission of the Ladylift ® handpiece, has a bio-modulating effect that stimulates neocollagenesis and regenerates the epithelium and the connective tissue.

Eufoton’s non-ablative laser uses a 360⁰ "ring" fiber that treats all of the tissue simultaneously. The unique handpiece and fiber make the treatments very fast and easy for the physician to perform. The treatment only lasts a few minutes and is repeated three to four times with 15-20 day intervals. The Ladylift procedure does not involve discomfort (no anesthetic needed) or special post-treatment care.

The Manufacturer

Eufoton was founded in 1997 in Trieste, Italy with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing portable surgical and medical lasers (vascular surgery, laser lipolysis, onychomycosis, pain management, and facial rejuvenation). These tools consist of semiconductors (diodes), that do not wear down, do not need constant maintenance, do not show high consumption of active materials and are much more innovative compared to their predecessors (which were mostly gas tube lasers). Eufoton also organizes professional trainings on laser technologies and the optimal and interdisciplinary use of their functions. The company is currently distributing its products on the Italian market and in other 50 countries worldwide, including the USA.

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